“I had been putting up with low back pain for a number of years and thought that was the way things were going to stay. However, after receiving McTimoney Chiropractic, I am no longer in pain and have been able to resume playing golf without suffering for days afterwards.”James
“I had been using a traditional chiropractor to help alleviate pain from my back, neck and pelvis, but the fixes didn't last long. On seeing Kate for the first time she diagnosed the main problem and realigned it in the first session using incredibly gentle manipulation with none of the bone crunching I was used to. The fix stayed put and I now only need occasional maintenance visits to keep everything in check. It means I can pick up my children without worrying about putting my back out, and I don't dread days when I have to work at the computer all day as my back no longer aches. I was surprised at how gentle the manipulations were compared to the chiropractic I was used to, but I don't get the headache or aching after a treatment now.” Jackie
“After being in a car accident and suffering with whiplash, I spent two years suffering with pain and episodes of debilitating neck stiffness, after visiting Kate I am now virtually pain free and no longer suffering, I am also more aware of my posture and try to sit and stand more correctly which does help to relieve stiffness and aching in my neck, shoulders and back. Overall I have found it to be very beneficial.”Carrie
“Please pass on my sincere thanks to Pam Lander for her superb work as my chiropractor. Having had years of continuing pain with my back and pelvis I am delighted to have found Pam. She has a great approach which is informal yet professional which put me at ease straightaway. Over the years,  I’ve tried numerous Osteopaths and Chiropractors but Pam stands out as the best, with great results straight away  and without those horrid bone crunching  adjustments! She has made a great deal of improvement to my health and comfort and I can thoroughly recommend Aspire chiropractic to anyone.”Julian
“I’d had nagging pain in my shoulder for ages, and it just wasn’t getting any better. I received fantastic treatment and advice from Aspire Chiropractic, and now I’m finally pain-free!”Victoria